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Winyah Nursing Services, Inc. ::

Company:   Winyah Nursing Services, Inc.
Address:   Post Office Box 1390
Andrews, SC 29510
Telephone Number:   1-888-560-4515
Fax:   1-888-864-2920
E-mail:   sdouglas@winyahnursingservices.com
Website:   http://www.winyahnursingservices.com
About the company:   Travel across town or across the county with Winyah Nursing Services, Inc. We are a small company so we have the power to pay you exceptional rates! Finally, you can get what you deserve and more for being a Registered Nurse who loves the job. Along with top pay, you will receive the personal attention with a Recruiter who will work diligently to place you in YOUR dream job. Winyah Nursing Services, Inc. strives for excellence in everything that we do. If YOU'RE happy then WE are happy.

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